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Once you purchase your wood stove you’ll want to do all you can to maintain it properly. Regular and proper maintenance will help you get the longest life out of your stove and will help you prevent any undue accidents from occurring. While conducting regular maintenance, you may notice that certain parts need replacing in order to keep your stove working properly. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of wood burning stove parts that you can find which will help you replace and maintain your stove for the best and safest performance possible.

A couple of the most important wood burning stove parts to have are floor and wall protectors. These are usually made of heavy tile or cast iron. These floor and wall protectors will help keep your walls from warping from the radiating heat. They also do wonders for helping to prevent dry materials from catching on fire. In addition, these protectors help keep your floor clean from dropped ash.

Every properly working stove needs a chimney sleeve as well. These will help keep you and your family safe by preventing direct contact with surrounding materials, preventing combustion. But sometimes your chimney or piping will require complete replacement. You can find replacement piping that will help you accomplish this; available in varying sizes for your convenience.

Depending on your type of stove, replacement thermostats are also one of the more important wood burning stove parts that you can buy. These will help to ensure that your stove is working properly and efficiently spreading the right amount of heat throughout your home.

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